Girlfriend's Shengen Visa ständig abgelehnt von Deutscher Botschaft

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Hello, I am an American citizen, residing in Germany. I am also a disable. Since 1 and 1/2 years, I have been trying to invite my female Friend, who lives in the Philippine, here to visit me for 90 days. We have follow all the visa guidelines and sent all the required documents, but still her application was rejected, with always the same reason. The reason is, they think that she will not return home after 90 days, only because she has no employment, or owns a business or a real state. She has no attention on breaking the law, or violating the German Visa regulation. She has proven with certified documents, that she will return home. Even the appeals, are constantly rejected, which has cost me a lot of money. I feel we are being discriminated, because each day,100's of Immigrants are pouring in to Germany, and are allow to stay. My friend has no attention on staying longer than three months, because she has a small child, and she is the soul care worker for her ailing father. All we want, is to meet. Because of my, disability it is very complicated for me to visit her in the Philippines. Since my disability, I have no real friends and are constantly alone and isolated. Please sign this petition, with the hope that the German Embassy, will consider in their heart with understanding, as they do for refugee’s, and let her come here, so that we can finally meet in person, instead of constantly on Social Media.


Howard Wallace