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Ban Parental Alienation

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When families are broken, in some cases parents, mother or father keep the child or children from the other parent as a way of punishment. This should not be allowed to happen in cases where there's been no history of violence, drug abuse or any other disearning factors. Alienating the other parent who clearly wants a relationship with their child or children and has previously maintained one throughout the relationship should be classed as a crime and dealt with as such. We are all aware that some marriages or relationships don't last but the person who walks doesn't walk for no reason in 99% of cases. They leave the relationship not the children. I believe a law should be brought in that even if custody matters need to be sorted in the Federal Circuit because "the amount of contact" and "issues pertaining to contact" can't be resolved, the alienated parent is able to see their children regardless of circumstance. Children who have no voice need some kind of reassurance that both parents will be in their life, so in turn the law should state that in the event of a family breakdown if either parent alienates the other, the alienated parent, with proof that can walk into a court house or police station and report it and a fine will be imposed on the parent who has pulled contact for no reason but jealousy or punishment. It's a small price to pay for alienating a good parent and facts can be checked. This could save many hours of court time and stress on the children or parent that has been alienated. We may not make a difference but we can try.

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