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Stop the Transco Williams Gas Compressor Station #206 at South Brunswick & Franklin Towns

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Preserve Our Community - Stop the Transco Williams Gas-Powered Gas Compression Plant (Station #206) from being built near South Brunswick and Franklin Township Residential areas


Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC (Transco), a part of the Williams Companies, Inc. (“Williams”) owns and operates gas pipelines that supply gas to New York, NJ, and PA. Williams is now proposing to build a Gas-Powered Gas Compressor plant near Route 27 in Franklin Township as part of their “Northeast Supply Expansion Project” to supply natural gas to meet the future demands of residents of New York.

This project is in a pre-filing stage, and Williams has filed for an environmental pre-filing review with FERC.  FERC has opened a Pre-Filing Docket on the proposal which is Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Docket PF16-5-000.

Save our community from this proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station being built in Franklin Township (4415 N.J. Route 27, Princeton,  N.J.) within 800 feet of a large residential community (approximately 800 homes). In addition, within a one-mile radius, there are at least another 200 homes. This plant potentially will also affect the environment’s quality for other residents living in the densely populated areas of South Brunswick and Franklin townships.

Please sign and join with our community to ensure rejection of the project by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Here are the key reasons that we request you to join us in opposing the proposed Gas-powered Gas Compressor Station #206 Project near South Brunswick and in Franklin Township:

  • The proposed location is within close proximity to over 1, 000 families (many with children), a day Care facility, places of worship and many small businesses. The proposed location raises many questions relevant to environmental safety and potential harm to the residents in this community. The gas-powered gas compressor station will result in serious toxic emissions being released into our air.  There is also a serious underlying threat of cross contamination through the water. Overall the physical proximity of this project poses a great threat to our lives and safety.
  • The proposed Gas Compression Station is being built in Franklin Township on a property owned by Trap Rock, who own and operate a quarry there. The quarry site is and has been an active blasting zone for more than a decade, and the nearby residents have reported experiencing tremors and some damages to their homes due to the repeated quarry blasts. These blasts pose serious danger to the large (32,000 HP) gas compression plant turbines, used in the gas compression plant, which operate at high speed, and thus the gas-powered gas compression plant adds a further danger of explosion and fire to the local residential community. Furthermore, such a gas-powered gas compression plant, will raise the noise level in the area through its normal operations, trucking, etc. and through the occasional “blowdowns” (releases of natural gas into the atmosphere) required for maintenance purposes or to release excessive pressure in the pipelines. These blowdowns (which vary in length to as long as hours) have been described as similar to the sound of a jet engine taking off. And they can occur at all hours. This change in peak noise levels is a serious concern.
  • This project’s main objective is to provide additional supplies of natural gas to New York and beyond, as the additional capacity and pipelines in New Jersey will be used to pump natural gas under NY harbor to Long Island, and potentially elsewhere. In addition to the immediate impacts on the long-term safety, security, and well-being of people living near the gas-powered gas compression plant and along the proposed pipeline route, with the majority of the benefit being for NY and beyond, the NJ taxpayers will bear the costs of additional emergency response capability and actions, of healthcare, and damage to water supplies.
  • The property values in the neighborhood of the proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station potential will be effected, with a ripple effect throughout the rest of South Brunswick and Franklin Township. If construction occurs, the property values will likely fall further impacting these townships’ images and the family finances (and the American dreams) of over 1,000 resident families.
  • The South Brunswick Township Council understands these concerns by residents and has unanimously passed a resolution “Opposing the construction and installation of a Gas-Powered Gas Compressor Station on the proposed location near South Brunswick”. Franklin Township Council has similarly passed a resolution opposing the proposed Williams/Transco gas-powered gas compression plant.

We, the residents of this community, are concerned about the proposed large gas- powered compressor station #206 in Franklin township due to its proximity to our homes, the serious safety concerns it creates for those living nearby, and the environmental effects of this Gas-Powered Gas Compressor Station on us and future generations.

 We the undersigned hereby demand:

  • That Williams stop the proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression station #206 in Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ, and relocate it to an area where it poses significantly less risk to residents of New Jersey.
  • That the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reject the proposal of Williams to construct the Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station # 206 in Somerset County, NJ. This gas-powered gas compressor station is disadvantageous to a community that is the epitome of the classic American dream. Help our efforts to protect our children and community!

Please take a few minutes of your time, and sign and join with your community to ensure rejection of the present project proposal by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)!

Thank you!

Residents of South Brunswick and Franklin Township Communities

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