Stop the NEXUS Pipeline!

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The proposed 250-mile NEXUS Pipeline would snake through Ohio and Southeast Michigan, carrying up to 1.5 billion cubic feet daily of fracked natural gas under high pressure.

NEXUS is dangerous. The pipeline would come within 400 feet of a school and within 50 feet of homes, placing them well within the incineration zone if an accident were to occur. Over 10 miles of the pipeline would pass through low-income urbanized areas. And it endangers sensitive wetland areas--April's Rover Pipeline construction accident, which destroyed an Ohio wetland, shows what can happen. 

What's more, the developers--Enbridge and DTE--are recklessly seeking a waiver which would allow them to put odorless gas in the pipeline. If the waiver is approved, a leak could happen and no one would smell it.

NEXUS is unnecessary. Michigan and Ohio have excess natural gas capacity. That's why the gas in the pipeline will end up being delivered to Ontario. While it will create temporary construction jobs, we know that green energy projects create more jobs, for longer. Why would our government take risks with the lives of Michigan and Ohio families when we don't even need the gas? 

Sign this petition to let the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission know: we don't want another pipeline near our schools and our natural environment!