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Take Presidential Debates away from Corporate Media. Give to C-SPAN

I've been watching the entire 2012 Presidential Primary and I'm disgusted at how bias corporate media (Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg mostly) is telling everyone that Ron Paul is unelectable and Mitt Romney is basically their only choice. Now, I understand that these aren't government organizations and they are free to report as the choose, but my question is "Why are they in charge of the debates?" Shouldn't a non-profit organization like C-SPAN be in charge of the debates instead of highly profitable organizations with vested interest. These news stations are giving Mitt Romney most of the media coverage knowing that there are a lot of uninformed people who vote based on name recognition. Plus, they are force feeding the idea that Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can beat Obama. Now, if all people did their own research and didn't rely on corporate media for their candidate information then we wouldn't have this problem, but a lot of voters don't own or know how to use a computer. The fact that our government allows corporate media to host the debates makes people think that the media can be trusted to report non-bias information. As we have been seeing, this is not what's happening. We need to take our election back.

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