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Federal Elected Officials - No more pet stores that sell puppies!!!

Many pet stores with cute puppies for sale will tell you that they don't get their puppies from puppy mills. They'll say their puppies are all from "USDA licensed breeders." - Most pet shop puppies come from puppy mills, and so do most dogs sold over the Internet. Pet shop puppies are separated from their mother at as young as six weeks of age. The health of the puppies is not always guaranteed - Please take the pledge to stop Puppy Steps and Furry Babies Pet Stores from selling puppies. One sick puppy purchased from the store is one puppy too many. Please help to stop the cycle of pet stores and puppy mills.

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No pet store should be allowed to sell puppies. The deplorable conditions of the "USDA" certified breeders is inhumane. Almost every single puppy that is bought in a pet store has a mother who is in a puppy mill. Not only is this abuse, it is inhumane for us to turn our backs to this ever growing issue. We need to stop puppy mills and one of the major ways to do that is to stop pet stores from selling puppies. The Human Society, along with the thousands of shelters in each state are the best ways for families to get their new dog. More than a few pet stores that sell puppies in the Chicago-land area are adding to the puppy mill crisis. Once the puppy is purchased, the USDA Breeder information is given and almost 99% of the time, that "breeder" has over one hundred female dogs in deplorable conditions in puppy stores. Pet stores sell puppies from "USDA Breeders" AKA Puppy Mills. Please say NO to any and all pet stores that sell puppies. The only way to stop these inhumane practices is to stop the pet stores who sell puppies. PLEASE fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

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