Decision Maker Response

Puppy Steps Pet Store in Spring Hill Mall, West Dundee’s response

Puppy Steps Pet Store in Spring Hill Mall, West Dundee
Puppy Steps Corp

Jul 1, 2013 — We are the owner and store manager of Puppy Steps Corp. Puppy Steps has been open in our current location for almost one year. We have been very happy with our store location and had expected that our lease would be renewed. Our store has attracted a lot of customers for the Mall and most of our customers have been very happy, and come back to us. We have followed the terms of our lease. Our rent has always been paid on time, as the rent is automatically deducted from our business account, and our bills are paid on time, every month. We have acted in good faith with our customers and have striven to make our customers happy. We have kept our store very clean and odor free. We are careful with our puppies, bathe them regularly, and care for them properly to ensure they are in good health. Our puppies are always clean, smell fresh, and it is our intent that they remain healthy and not sick. Michael and I are not in business to sell sick puppies. When we receive a shipment of new puppies, each puppy receives a full physical and fecal exam in an effort to determine the health of the puppy, to ensure a puppy doesn’t cause the other puppies to become sick. Additionally, when a puppy is sold and goes home with a customer, we specifically instruct every new owner of our puppies to take their puppy to the Spring Hill Veterinarian within four business days for an examination. If a puppy were to become ill with kennel cough or a parasite within the first four business days after leaving our store and going home with a customer, we would assume the puppy could have had it when it had been with us and we would be responsible to pay for the required medication for a sick puppy.

It was my understanding that our lease was to be renewed until after one of our customers, namely, Stacey Krantz, recently came into our store and purchased a puppy, which became ill. We have attempted to comply with all of her demands.

I love my puppies and have asked her to send me the documentation from her Vet so I can reimburse her and suggested to her when she bought the puppy to take her to our Vet free of charge to her. Also she claims the puppy was not micro chip. But refuse to take the puppy to our Vet so we can micro chip the puppy. Even though we micro chip all the puppies through Spring Hill Veterinarian in west Dundee IL,. She claims the puppy has Upper Respiratory Infection,and Giardia a parasite. Now when we get our puppies they are tested for parasite but Giardia is not a parasite they test for unless the puppy is showing sign of the parasite this was explain to Stacey Kranz by, Glen R. Redeker, DVM, Owner. ' of Spring Hill Veterinarian.

Puppy Steps passes its inspections. Puppy Steps has had the Illinois of Agriculture come in twice in one week at different times and both times Puppy Steps passed their inspections. Jake Leffelman is the animal products Investigator of the Bureau of Animal Health & Welfare and may be reached at (217) 782-6657. Jake Leffelman is aware of Stacey Krantz, and he has tried to contact her but it is my understanding Ms. Krantz has not returned his calls to her. Also, please be advised that Kim Eberley, the Senior Executive Field Agent from the American Kennel Club, came into our store, and we passed her inspection.

Gisselle LaBelle
Puppy Steps Corp
1460 Spring Hill Mall
West Dundee IL, 60118