Emergency Use Authorization for new Glioblastoma treatment

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Over three years ago I lost my wife to Glioblastoma (GBM), one of the deadliest and most aggressive cancers. 16 months before that we listened to her doctor tell us the prognosis..50% chance to live 18 months and no matter what they do it will keep coming back.  If you are reading this you may be going through this yourself or know of a loved one or a friend who is.  It is awful and even three years later the life expectancy is the same.

Promising treatments for this disease are rare, but when one does come around I am a very firm believer that it should be given Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA.  GBM patients really have nothing to lose and precious weeks, months and even years to gain with their families.

Recently, INOVIO Pharmaceuticals released results on their Phase 1/2 clinical trial that showed their drug INO-5401 demonstrated that 85% of newly diagnosed GBM patients were still alive at 12 months following treatment.  This data is preliminary, but very promising.  Do we really need to wait several more years for more results?  Let's make this drug available now for these families.  Had this been an option for my wife she would have certainly tried it.

We have seen how quickly the FDA can act in a time of crisis to grant Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 treatments.  Let's get them to act on this family crisis and give GBM patients more time.