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Ban Sulfate/Sulfite from foods and drugs

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Sulfate and Sulfite are frequently added to food and medications, including vitamins and over the counter drugs in order to preserve the item or enhance the texture. Millions of people are sensitive and intolerant of both chemicals and because the FDA does NOT require food and drug manufacturers to label their items as containing sulfate/sulfite if the chemical was added to the ingredient as purchased/ or if the item comes from another country MILLIONS ARE SUFFERING unnecessarily. Thus, those of us allergic to the ingredients suffer because we cannot tell if there is sulfate/sulfite in the product or not. Since the FDA dows acknowledge that sulfate/sulfite are known carcinigens, we are all in danger.  For example, Mexico, China and other countries that grow our vegetables/spices and fruits in our winter months spray the produce with sulfite to keep it looking fresher than it is. Once company X in the US buys the product to distribute it, they do not have to label the item as having sulfite because they did not put the sulfite on the product, the foreign country did it.  The FDA looks the other way.  Same goes for seafood which is caught in international waters, sprayed with sulfite and frozen only to end up on your grocery labeling of sulfite because the chemical was applied outside of the US even though it is being sold in the US.
Join me in demanding that the FDA ban the use of sulfate/sulfite for all products sold in the US regardless of their origin. Ever wonder why so many hair care products are putting out shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free??? Because sulfate/sulfite are poisons that we're just being able to identify.   Think we can use the Epi pen is our attack is life threatening?  Think again...sulfite is in the Epi pen to make the liquid soft and more pleasant...but it is poisonious to us all.  Thanks all!  Please help me share this plea. 

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