Help to end illegal blockage of access to water in Harrar, Ethiopia.

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Harrar, with a population of around 240,000, is one of the oldest and historical cities in Ethiopia, located 525 Kms east of Addis Ababa. 

A local media called Sheger FM reports that the residents of Harrar, the significant majority of whom are children and women, continue to be denied access to water services for the past six months  by a group who demands to be paid 10 million Ethiopian Birr (approximately 400,000 USD).

This group has taken control of the city's Water Station and has destroyed two out of the three pipelines that supply water to residents of Harrar. 

The identity of the persons/group behind this despicable crime remains unknown. 

No matter how or by who, denying an entire population, including children and women, to access Water-the most basic necessity-is unacceptable and should immediately be put to an end.

Three reasons to sign the petition:

1. A deliberate act of blocking close to 200000 people to access water, the most basic necessity for all life, is simply cruel and inhumane.

2. Severe shortage of water plus increasing piles of garbage in the city is a recipe for disease outbreak, including cholera.

3. Today it is Harrar. Tom morrow it could be YOU if such illegal practices are tolerated and not strongly opposed. 

Please show solidarity to residents of Harrar by:

1. Expressing your concerns and demanding authorities, particularly the Federal Government and regional states to take concrete measures and end, by all means necessary, the continued denial of access to water.

2. Requesting the responsible government organ in your country such as the foreign office or the international relations office to urge the Ethiopian government take concrete actions immediately.

3. Writing to local and international media outlets such as BBC Focus on Africa, Al Jezeera, CGTN and others to highlight the predicament Harrar residents continue to face in accessing water for the past six months.