Federal Decriminalization of Cannabis

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I would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to read this Petition. I think it is time for our Federal Government to get on board with other industrialized and forward thinking nations when it comes to the laws regarding cannabis. Still having cannabis classified as a schedule I drug when there is an abundant amount of scientific data demonstrating the benefits of cannabis for various health issues is, in my opinion, an outright crime and fraud perpetrated by our very own Federal Government. There can only be one reason that cannabis remains a Schedule I drug despite the plethora of scientific data, and that reason is GREED. Our short-sighted and greedy government makes billions of dollars via pharmaceutical companies, rehabilitation services, and privatization of our prison system. Of all the schedule I drugs listed, cannabis is:

• The most commonly used
• Safer than ANY other drugs listed in Schedule I-V
• Less addictive than any drug in schedule I-V
• Has the MOST medical uses than any drug in schedule I-V
• Has the highest rate of drug arrest and convictions

So why do I say that it is short-sighted greed of the Federal Government? Individuals convicted with possession of cannabis are often ordered to pay fines, pay for drug programs, and if imprisoned, ask yourself....is it a private prison? With the privatization of our prison system comes the increase in arrests and convictions due to corruption. Just look at the multitude of cases where judges were handing down harsh sentences with the sole purpose of sending individuals to private facilities who would provide said judge a kickback for each person sent.

A more important problem is the overall impact that society faces as a whole due to the irrational placement of cannabis as a schedule I drug (or keeping it illegal entirely) A felony conviction for marijuana possession will ruin a life FOREVER. There is absolutely ZERO distinction between a conviction for possession of marijuana and an armed robbery, a carjacking, assault, murderer, etc; The point I make is that there is zero distinction between violent offenders and cannabis users under the law. A felony conviction carries the same repercussion in our society despite what the felony was for. These laws have such detrimental effects on society as a whole and no one is taking the time to remedy this problem. A convicted felon pays for their crime for the rest of their life despite what that felony was for (violent vs. non-violent). When that person applies for a job, that felony checkbox is checked off and often times prevents them from obtaining that job. Most applications don’t ask you to elaborate. When a background check is conducted, a felony is a felony without distinction. They can't work for the government, they lose their voting rights, they lose their right to bear arms, and the right to be a productive member of society. These people are our future scientists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, educators or any other profession that has now been completely obliterated due to outdated, false, and fraudulent laws that were created for the sole purpose of controlling the “colored” population in the 1930’s and Nixon’s complete and utter disregard of the Schafer Commission in the 1970’s. This is a complete social injustice and an outright fraud perpetrated by our very own government. Our government has the capability to not only legalize medicinal marijuana but recreational as well utilizing the same guidelines as they do for cigarettes and alcohol, which kill more people annually than cannabis (cannabis kills 0). Instead of seeing the health benefits for the sick and the financial benefits that come from taxation, our government chooses to cater to the pharmaceutical companies who want us to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on medication that poisons us in our attempt to heal. Not to mention, we still live in a society that feels quite the same as they did in the 1930’s – control is necessary and this is the means. This has to STOP and we need to put an end to this fraudulent behavior.

I urge you to please advocate for a change in our Federal Laws regarding cannabis. I urge you to help decriminalize cannabis and make it legal once and for all. Our sick people deserve it and our lawful citizens of this nation deserve it.