Notary Service to those Incarcerated in Federal Institutions

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A few years ago, one of my customers had a loved one who was incarcerated at Lee Correctional Institution, and when it came to sign paperwork to begin an appeal process on their behalf, the facility notary staff refused to notarize the incarcerated individual's signature on a particular document.

Not only was this an abhorrence, it is JUST NOT RIGHT.

Customers, clients, family members and friends took to the phone lines to protest and, in turn, the facility granted that incarcerated person Notary Public service for their document.

*Update as of June 25, 2019*

On the evening of June 24, 2019, a young lady called into's phone lines and informed State of South Carolina Notary Public Sonita M. Leak that over 15 loved ones of those incarcerated in yet ANOTHER Federal Prison facility were waiting for internal Notaries Public to act on requests to notarize signatures of those incarcerated who need service.

This is a problem.  Human decency is all we ask here.  It doesn't matter that these people are serving time for things they may have done, some for what they may not have done.  They are still human and deserve the right to have their signatures notarized on their paperwork.

*Update as of June 30, 2019*

On the morning of Friday, June 28, 2019, shortly after my last update on this petition, the loved one of the incarcerated person in Bennettsville Federal Correctional Institution informed me that the prison staff was willing to work with them in getting their Marriage Affidavit signature notarized.


However, on that same morning, yet ANOTHER loved one of an incarcerated person inside of Perry Federal Correctional Institution contacted myself and another of my colleagues stating that their notary service request was REFUSED. They cited the SCDC rules, allegedly that a facility chaplain had to make the decision on whether these affidavits' signatures could be notarized. The chaplain at Perry REFUSED.

*Update as of July 21, 2019*

After spreading our petition for Notary for the Incarcerated for some time now, communication to different factions involved, we now have a SIGNED affidavit that has been properly notarized!

I want to thank the recipient of said affidavit for reaching out and ask that they Pay it Forward in helping others achieve their ultimate goals.

One win for all of us who have been in the fight to get service for these individuals, however, there are countless other incarcerated individuals and their loved ones who are still waiting for signature notarizations on important documents they are dependent on signing for their well--being.

I urge you to continue to SHARE the petition on their behalf...

What I need you to do is SHARE and keep on SHARING. Share on Social Media. Share to your family and friends. Keep the momentum for change going and going and going.

The relief sought is for internal Notaries Public inside of Federal Prison systems to complete said notarial acts or allow outside Notaries Public appropriate and adequate access to service those individuals needing those certain acts performed.

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