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Grant a fulltime community FM radio license to Birds of a Feather Media.

We are seeing a convergence of religious evangelizing creeping up in this country disrespecting the U.S. Constitution separating Church and State. An expanse as large as our area from Albany to Newburgh, NY is expected to have more normal public radio communication and viewpoints expressed just to have balance. Birds of a Feather Media are professional radio announcers with a broadcasting station built to spec located in Woodstock, NY and ready to broadcast. They applied for this license 10 years ago. This Christian station that got the award set up an illegal dummy corporation as they already have one license in this area. There are already four Christian stations saturating this area. Congressman Maurice Hinchey is outraged and trying to fight it. There is only one other public radio station in Albany. They didn’t adequately cover emergency news during our severe hurricanes. Woodstock Town Board supports Birds of a Feather Media getting a full time license and there will also be a sharing of time with the Latinos for Spanish programming.

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