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The NFL makes almost $9 billion a year in revenue, Commissioner Roger Goodell makes almost $44 million in annual salary, and the league -- believe it or not, considered a nonprofit by the U.S. government -- is the most profitable sports entity in the entire world.

And yet, despite the league's wealth, fans of the game continue to pay because of an outdated "blackout" rule supported by the NFL. This rule punishes fans if a team doesn't sell enough tickets for a game by barring games from being shown on television. For folks who can't afford expensive tickets to a game or travel to stadiums, the rule only serves to hurt fans -- while NFL owners and executives continue to make big bucks.

This "blackout" rule is outdated and needs to go. We're close to an historic vote from the FCC on this, but we need your help to get us over the edge.

Thanks to years of pressure from sports fans across the United States, the Federal Communications Commission has scheduled a vote for September 30th to end the 40-year-old, anti-fan "Sports Blackout Rule." While ending this rule wouldn't end NFL blackouts all together, at least it would eliminate the decades-long government support for those obnoxious blackouts when games don't sell out.

But the NFL is fighting back. They've hired big law firms, lobbyists, and even NFL Hall-of-Famer Lynn Swann to try to delay or kill the vote. We can't let that happen! 

Add your name to the thousands of fans who already have spoken up. Tell the FCC: KEEP THE VOTE ON THE CALENDAR and vote to end the Sports Blackout Rule. As we've seen the NFL flounder in recent months as it has handled controversy over domestic violence policies, ongoing concern over its nonprofit status, and inconsistencies in its drug use policy, it's finally time to reward fans over NFL executives. Let's stand together to end the outdated "Sports Blackout Rule."

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