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#TIME'S UP for Rape Culture on Mainstream Television

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I just saw an episode of "Criminal Minds" on Bravo.  You can predict it was about yet another rape --stabbed in the genitals 17 times-- & murder of: a woman.

I ask, why is this on mainstream TV? Why is this presented to us as a normal staple in "entertainment" for mass consumption?  And what impact does this pervasive depiction of rape & murder of women on TV have on our culture? on our relationships? and on perpetuating misogyny?


In the wake of the "#MeToo" movement, & Oprah's declaration of "a new day on the horizon" for women and girls, TV shows featuring rape culture & violence against women can no longer be seen as normal or "appropriate" TV content. If the FCC can ban swearing/ other explicit content they can ban content normalizing violence against women too. The FCC must be held to account: #TIME'S UP for Rape Culture on Mainstream Television. 

Women and men don't have to accept depictions of abuse of women as our cultural norm. If we really want to arrive at the day when "no one will ever have to say "me too" again,"  then the culture has to change---  including rules about entertainment content. Tell the FCC that misogynistic themes/ scripts on mainstream TV should be removed, replaced with content that elevates, rather than denigrates, girls and women.

Together, let's propel this much-needed movement forward!!  All the little girls - and boys - out there today are counting on us to do so.  

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