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Stop allowing ads/commercials in pop up or banner ads on electronic media (computers, TV, tablets/iPads, cell phones) without the owners' permission.

The pop-up/banner ads are not free to the company/organizations being advertised, but the device owner is not compensated nor asked for permission to use their screens, free of charge.  

When a person purchases the device (computer, TV, tablet/iPad, cell phone) they are not notified their device will be used, free of charge, to advertise, much less are they asked for permission to use their device screen.  

These ads use space on the devices' screens which frequently block information which the owner/user is watching or reading.  Additionally there is no way to eliminate these ads from appearing on our device screens free of charge.

If you agree that these ads should be banned from your devices (computers, TVs, tablets/iPads, cell phones, please sign this petition.    

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  • Federal Communications Commission

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