Save Net Neutrality Again November 2017.

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Save Net Neutrality Again November 2017.

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The Internet is a place where people can learn, entertain, teach, discuss, and do far more, but today, our Federal Government is working to roll back Net Neutrality rules on equal access.

What is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality is the idea that your acess to the internet, whether it is LTE or a wireless internet connection, is not altered or manipulated by Internet service providers (companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or BrightHouse that provide internet access.)

Titles I and II of The Communications Act of 1934 give the FCC stronger enforcement and oversight over Internet service providers and their access to their customers’ activities on the Internet.

If these rules and regulations are repealed, many Americans would have to deal with Internet Service providers impinging on their access to the websites they rely on. Why?

1. Internet Service providers are slowing down internet speed to websites that compete with them.

2. Internet Service Providers are blocking access to websites that compete with them.
For a good example:

These only begin to exemplify what can happen when regulations on Internet Service providers are removed. Many Americans will lose access to certain apps or websites because of Internet Service Providers.

No matter what your political affiliation is, we can all agree that no American should have their internet access limited because of who they get their internet from.

Together as Americans, we can tell the FCC not to repeal Net Neutrality, so that everyone can have access to the free internet.

Heres what You can do to Help: 

1. Sign this Petition:

2. Sign this Petition:

3. Text “resist” to 50409

4. Email FCC representatives:

Ajit Pai:

Mignon Clyburn:
Michael O'Rielly:   Mike.O'

Brendan Carr:

Jessica Rosenworcel:


5. Email Your Senators and Representatives.

6. In the Honor of John Oliver: go to

Click "Express" and tell the FCC that "I, [Your name], specifically support strong net neutrality backed by the Title II act of the The Communications Act of 1934"


We have spoke against the FCC and it worked in


June 2014 

May 2017


This is the third time the American People have to say "Yes" to Net Neutrality. Please join us so we can tell for once and for all, "NO!" 

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This petition had 307,696 supporters

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