Require Federal Legislation To Prevent RoboCalls and Texts

Require Federal Legislation To Prevent RoboCalls and Texts

April 30, 2021
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Started by Jose Vargas

The robokiller service that's designed to stop spam calls and texts has reported that they've blocked over 54 Billion Spam calls in 2020 alone.  The numbers keep climbing for spam calls and texts.  Phone providers are required by the FCC to provide spam mitigation apps, but that's of no help when they are selling your cell phone information to other companies.

Similar to Europe's GDPR we need data protections in place that prevent our data from being sold to third-party companies both locally and abroad.  The current legislation in place allows companies to sell a user's data by having them agree to a statement to use their services.  Buried deep within the legal jargon of the agreements, contains the agreement that they can sell the user's data to third-parties.  Users are often opted-in to having their data sold unless you contact that company at a number that requires lengthy hold times.

Companies should not be allowed to sell user data without their explicit consent in a separate document for a standard terms and agreement document.  Additionally, companies should not be allowed to automatically opt-in users to have their data sold to other companies that they haven't authorized to have their information.

Additionally, the spoofing technology that allows malicious actors to contact us via the internet is traceable.  States themselves do not have to ability or funding available to prevent such spoofing from occurring, but our government does have the funding to put in place a program to protect us from these spoofed calls.

It's time that the government holds companies liable for selling our data along with foreign actors for spoofing other phone numbers.  If we were to impersonate another individual we would be held liable and have fines along with jail time.  The same should be done for individuals that are spoofing other phone numbers in an attempt to get our information or money.

Please sign this petition, send it to your friends and family and make our voices heard!  The more of us that sign this petition, the more the FCC and our elected government officials will take notice of this problem.

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Feel free to share your personal experiences with robotcalls and texts in the comments section.

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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