Ban the word "Gypsy" from television and radio broadcasts.

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On September 1st, 2017, news anchor Melanie Lawson of ABC Houston went on air and publicly humiliated an entire race of people. She said: "Packs of Gypsies going around pretending to be a team of contractors. And the first thing they do, especially with the elderly, they go after you, they ask for a large deposit upfront and then they disappear." The gentleman sitting next to her, nodding his head emphatically: "Melanie, don't forget. They're already here. They've been here all along."

Melanie issued an on air apology after thousands of calls poured in complaining about the use of the word and the racist remarks. Her apology was: "Before we go, earlier today I chose a poor word to describe certain groups of people operating in areas where wet materials are being discarded. I want to apologize for using that word, I had no intention of insulting anyone."

The Roma community is not happy with this apology because it is still insinuating that it's the Roma people who are committing these crimes. She apologized for the use of the word, not for the profiling of our people. She has no proof and no reason to single out the "Gypsies" for going around and conning people out of their money. 

We are outraged that she called us "Packs of Gypsies" as if we are wild dogs. 

Let's look at the definition of the word "Gypsy" from Google:

a member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia.
synonyms: Romany, Rom, traveler, nomad, rover, roamer, wanderer
"a caravan of gypsies"
a nomadic or free-spirited person.
synonyms: Romany, Rom, traveler, nomad, rover, roamer, wanderer
"a caravan of gypsies"
(of a business or business person) nonunion or unlicensed.
"gypsy trucking firms"

Even the definition on Google is racist. 

The actual history of the word comes from the country of Egypt in Africa.

We were slaves for 2,700 years, dragged all over the middle east and Europe, we were transferred from one country to another as slaves, finally won by Romania (The Byzantine Empire at the time) in a war against Genghis Khan where we stood up until 1857 when slavery was abolished in Romania. An estimated 15 million of us are still there in Romania where we are persecuted, profiled, hated, spit on, and killed just for being "Gypsy". This word was not a word we used to describe ourselves. We are a race of people called Roma. We were given the name "Gypsy" by our slave masters to describe the color of our skin. We are dark complected and they assumed we were from Egypt. "Those dark Egyptians. Those Gypsies".

For generations this word has plagued our people. We are ashamed of it. We tell our children to hide our culture from the rest of the world because we will be persecuted. We like to think in 2017 that racism is going away, but the fact that Melanie Lawson can say "Packs of Gypsies" and then brush it off without any consequence by saying it was a "poor word" is proof that racism is very real and very alive today. 

Our whole race, around the world is furious. Not just by this one event, no, this triggered something in us. We as a whole, are tired of being put down, profiled, and discriminated against. We are honest, hard working people who deserve the same respect as anyone else. And if we can't say the N word, you shouldn't be able to say the G word. This is our "back of the bus" moment in history.

What kind of outrage would there be if someone went on air and said "Be careful from the packs of Niggers that are out there robbing liquor stores"?

To say that "Packs of Gypsies going around pretending to be a team of contractors." Is literally the same thing. It's a racial slur, it's derogatory, it's humiliating, it's obscene, it's saying that Roma people aren't people, they're Gypsies. Just like saying Black people aren't people, they're Niggers. It's saying that all "Gypsies" go around pretending to be a team of contractors, just like All "Niggers" go around robbing liquor stores. It's simply not true in either case, it's hurtful, it's disgusting and we are outraged. We are human just like everyone else.

For contrast, I'd like to point to the definition of the word "Nigger" from Google.

a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person.

Do you see the difference?

Why is there such a huge difference between the definition of "Gypsy" and "Nigger"?

Both of which originated as racial slurs to describe dark complected slave people, both of which were used to describe a country in Africa, "Nigger" from Nigeria and "Gypsy" from Egypt. 

Why is "Gypsy" a fortune teller, a nomadic person, a unlicensed business, a scammer, a con artist, a thief, but "Nigger" is a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person, when they both mean the same thing to different people?

We want justice. We want ABC Houston to be fined the same amount, and the same punishment to be laid upon them for using the words "Pack of Gypsies" as they would receive if they said "Packs of Niggers" because we see no difference.

Here is a link to an Negro slave advertisement:

Here is a link to a Gypsy slave advertisement:

We want the world to know who we are and we want the word "Gypsy" to be banned from television and radio broadcasts, to be treated as the same as the word "Nigger". I am purposefully using the word "Nigger" over and over in this article to show you the contrast. You cringe every time you read that word, but you don't bat an eye when you read "Gypsy". That is the reason for this petition. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my use of both of the hateful and disgusting racial slurs in this petition, but I had to get my point across. I am not making light of anyone's suffering or saying ours is any better or worse. With tears in my eyes as I write this, I am literally saying that we are no different. We are all one. We are all human. All we want is compassion and basic human rights.

Please sign our petition and help us let the world know that it's not okay to publicly humiliate an entire race of people on national television. Help me give our race some hope for a better future. Racism won't end on this one act of justice, but it will get us in the right direction. This site is called Please help us change. Thank you.

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