Petition Our Federal Government to Introduce Long Term Financial Measures for Canadians

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Canadians from every demographic are going to be facing serious long term consequences from the current Covid-19 pandemic. People are losing their jobs, are unable to continue working, or are taking care of families affected by this virus. This pandemic will not end shortly, or suddenly as individuals adapt to mitigate and reduce the severity of infections.

As it currently stands, many individuals will be or are already unable to pay rent, reduce or pay down credit and student loan debts, or afford the basic necessities to maintain a household and continue socially distancing.

During this time, we petition the Federal Canadian Government to introduce a number of measures to support Canadians long term and ensure that Canadians can thrive during and after Covid-19.

This includes:

- Suspending rent for all individuals to join the already frozen mortgages, and preventing evictions for all individuals to ensure everyone's housing is maintained. This would also include introducing funding for landlords or property management companies who would otherwise collect rent and would need financial assistance.

- Suspending utility costs for individuals, including essential services such as internet and phone service to reduce the overall costs to individuals and allow individuals to maintain connections and communications during social distancing.

-Freezing credit payments for all individuals to prevent individuals from entering arrears and accruing large amounts of interest that they are unable to pay down.

-Canceling student loan debt to remove a large amount of long term debt that is present for many individuals who will not be able to pay it down for the foreseeable future.

These measures will ensure that all Canadians will maintain their housing, mitigate the effect of financial hardship while socially distancing, and will allow Canadian citizens to move forward in an empowered manner to both maintain their health and stimulate the economy once Covid-19 has been successfully managed.

Let us work together to ensure we as Canadians are taken care of now, and in the future.