Physical Contact for the Incarcerated it can change lives!

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Physical contact is a key component in an individual’s mental and emotional state. The benefits to the inmates and their families are numerous and those benefits would extend to the prisons as well. More physical contact has the potential to reduce depression and aggression among inmate populations which in turn will reduce the number of conflicts prisons experience.

In the current climate with budget cuts, understaffing and unrest among inmates because they are forced to spend more time locked in their cells because of fog, rain, snow or peaceful protests that result in lockdowns for days. Happier inmates make for better-behaved inmates.

Many of the institutions under the BOP umbrella prohibit physical contact except for hugs and a peck kiss at the start and finish of the visit. My inmate is housed in a facility that doesn't allow hand holding or sitting beside him. Visitations are loud and it's always difficult to hear each other and sometimes we don't always want to talk. We just want to be together, to sit quietly holding hands to feel connected to and comforted by each other.

We the petitioners request that the BOP mandates it’s wardens and staff to allow inmates in medium and low-security institutions and their visitors to have more physical contact. Allow inmates to hold hands, to sit beside to their visitors and allow tasteful but open-mouthed kisses between the inmates and their wives, girlfriends, life partners.