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Offer Bibles to Imates in Prisons Nationwide to Increase Morals

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A 2011 report said 70% of imates released in Cailforna return back to prison(, in that same year the New York Times said of the 700,000 released Nationwide, two-thirds will be re-arrested and more than half returned to prison within three years.
In an effort to spread the good word and news of Jesus but mostly to reduce the inmorals of imates getting into jail for stealing or killing or commiting anyother crime, that is why the Bible should be offered in prisons.
Now is it already? Not in all of them, maybe some as a fund does exist called the Prison Scripture Fund, the site funded by BiblicDirect also sells "NIrV Free on the Inside Prison Bible"s for $3.50 online, $8.00 retail. Either that or just give them a normal $1.06 or free Bible (from a website or other organization).
Even really for those going to be there for life, either killing or commited someother large crime, let them know they can recieve slavation, also those there for a long time or a short time, let them know they can repent for their sins and encourage them to don't want to commit them again, thus ending up in jail again.
If there is a Bible in a hotel room, why can't there be a Bible in a Prison cell?

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