Shut down EVIL suicide assisted website Sanctioned Suicide!!!!

If I'd have known about this website earlier, I would have taken my life away following the guidelines that they have laid out so meticulously. But I did not come across this website and been forced to find ways to continue fighting to stay alive, reaching personal milestones and a chance at a better life, eventually finding solid and genuine reasons to move on from suicidal feelings. I do believe that this enabling website robs the chance from the suicidal to find other ways to continue fighting for a better life. When pushed into a corner, one would think hard about doing the irreversible deed when they have no guidelines on how to do it. The only way to go when you've reached rock bottom, is to go up. This website pushes the suicidal to go beyond rock bottom, when they are unable to think past the tunnel vision that one gets during intense depressive episodes. When there are guidelines on how to commit suicide and I'm in a suicidal state of mind, I wouldn't be looking at the more "positive" sections of the website because my suicidal mind would be completely focused on finding out about how to take my life away. So there you go. Here is my statement as a survivor. I genuinely hope that the suicidal people will be given the opportunity to continue fighting for a better life. This website robs the option to heal and evolve from the truly vulnerable. The website may not be the sole reason, but it plays a key role in suicides, akin to murder accomplices. I have lost someone too.

Ginnie May, Sunrise, FL, United States
4 months ago
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