Reopen Anthony Zappier's case

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On October 25th, 2019, my little brother Anthony’s life was taken by a police officer in Hamblen County, TN. This is a very small town that backs their police force 100% - so the hate we are receiving just for pursing his case is astounding. They labeled my brother as someone that tried to kill a cop, when in fact he was just trying to get away from the officer because he was afraid for his life... and rightfully so. Anthony was driving home through an unfamiliar neighborhood, and he accidentally ran over the curb popping three of his tires. He did not have his cell phone with him to call us to come get him. The police were called by a neighbor, and within 6 minutes of the officer arriving on the scene, my brother was dead. The officer completely escalated the situation and instead of treating my brother as a victim of a car accident, he treated him like a suspect. Anthony didn't break any laws, he didn't harm anyone and he didn't damage anything besides his own car. Why was he treated as such? He asked MULTIPLE times for the officer to call his father, yet that never happened. Anthony was terrified for his life - so much so that he was screaming for help, yet no one came to help him and the officer continued to violently pursue him. The police cruiser was left running and unlocked, so Anthony jumped in it and tried to drive AWAY from the scene in an attempt to put as much distance between himself and the officer. He did not attempt to run over or injure the officer whatsoever. The officer decided to wedge himself into the front passenger seat to try to stop Anthony. He gave no warnings, but shot my brother once after a brief struggle. The car rolls to a stop, the officer then gets out on his own two feet, clears a jam in his gun, and shoots my brother two more times as he was already slumped over - executing him.


He would go on to give 3 different statements about what happened that morning, none of which match each other. TBI (Tennessee Federal Bureau of Investigations) was called in due to an officer being involved. They botched it, in what we believe is an effort to protect the officer. The grand jury of Hamblen County relied solely on the testimony of the TBI Agent to explain to them what happened. However, in the TBI interview with the officer, the questions were leading him in the "right" direction of what to say. Due to this, the grand jury decided not to indite for murder and justified the shooting through the District Attorney's office.


The purpose of this petition is to attract the attention of the FBI and the Attorney General of Tennessee, Herbert Slattery III to have Anthony's case reopened and truly looked at without bias. We have already called the FBI to file formal complaints, and sent letters to the Attorney General. If you are interested in sending a letter to file a formal complaint, feel free to message me and I will send you my copy. Please sign and share to help my family get justice for my brother. Thank you!


#JusticeForAnt #LongLiveAnthonyZappier