Need help with Digital Learning

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This Petition is for Parents and Students in the State of Georgia,  Our School systems were converted to digital learning to ensure our children will be able to continue their educational requirement for the remaining part of the 2019-2020 school year as COVID-19 has affected our systems.  As that brings challenges such computer access and internet access to be able to continue educational requirement. We understand that not all families have resources for their children to be able to successful continue in digital learning.

This petition is to find out how many Students are in need of computers and/or internet access.

If you have special needs children are you receiving adequate assistance in helping your children continue in their educational requirements. 

This petition will be used to ensure that the districts will provided the essential needs for student to continue their educationals requirement. 

Please email the following answers to the questions: This will assist in helping getting the resources for your child(ren). please email: and join our  Facebook: EDMatters2US                  Twitter: @2Edmatters 

  1. Please sign.  
  2. How many students? 
  3. What district? 
  4. Do you need a Computer? Yes/No
  5. Do you need internet access? Yes/No