Justice for Omari Bryant

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On December 5th, 18-year-old Omari Bryant was found hanging outside a motel in Homerville, GA. Law enforcement is calling this a suicide. A graphic photo supplied by the Davis Bozeman Johnson Law firm shows Bryant with a noose around his neck in front of the Southern Pines Inn. However, Bryant’s feet appear to be touching the ground, conditions that would render any hanging attempt futile. In addition, none of the six surveillance cameras outside of the Southern Pines Inn were working Saturday night. Had they been operating, the cameras would have recorded what happened. This is beyond suspicious. 

Bryant’s family and close friends said that he never would have killed himself, and certainly not in the manner in which he was found. Black people do not hang themselves in public due to the horrific history of lynching.

We demand that Omari Bryant's case is investigated as a hate crime by the FBI. He deserves justice. 

We demand a chromotography coupled with mass spectrometry to examine autopsy tissues.