Justice for Brian Dennard

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On February 2nd, 2018 Brian Dennard was involved in a minor car accident. After the car accident Brian got into an physical altercation with an unknown male. Brian left the scene leaving his phone, keys, and wallet in the car; according to a witnesses on the scene and documented in the police report, Brian was seen being followed by this unknown male. Neither Brian nor this unknown male returned to the scene. Brian never made it home that night!

A missing person report was filed on February 5, 2018. Brian’s mother asked detectives repeatedly to search the lagoon and the Lincoln Park area for Brian. Detectives of the Chicago Police Department told her that a dive time did a search of the lagoon and Brian wasn’t there. His Family feel that Chicago Police were completely helpless in finding Brian. His fiancé was even asked do she believe that he would’ve committed suicide. Detectives also told Brian’s mom that they had discovered video footage of Brian running past the red line train station. Upon Brian’s mom and siblings viewing the footage; it was determined that it wasn’t Brian. The guy in the video didn’t match the description of Brian at all! The complexion, clothes, shoes, and built didn’t match Brian not one bit! Detectives insisted that it was Brian. Detectives also told Brian’s family that there weren’t any cameras in the area after being asked by family to view them. It was discovered later by his family that there’s in fact three cameras where the accident occurred. Two cameras close to the lagoon. ONE CAMERA DIRECTLY FACING THE LAGOON! After being told that there were no cameras there his family can’t help but believe they were being repeatedly and purposely mislead and had been getting the run around from detectives. Detectives also told his family and fiancthat the lagoon was frozen on February 6 and they believe without a doubt he wasn’t there.

Searches in the Lincoln Park area were made by his family. Brian’s fiancé reached out to news outlets and interviews were made by his mom and siblings to get Brian’s story out to the media. Brian was missing for two months and two days being found unfortunately deceased in the Lincoln Park lagoon April 4th 2018.Nothing about Brian’s disappearance makes sense and one his sisters is very adamant that Brian was murdered and his death is being covered up. She expressed this to the detectives, the medical examiners office, and the news; which they edited out in one of her interviews. Brian leaves behind his mother, fiancé, 4 kids, and 6 siblings. Brian has a fear of big bodies of water and wouldn’t go near water alone! Brian didn’t deserve this all we are asking for is for his case to be reopened and investigated throughly. We’re willing to accept if it was accidental but we want proof not theories! What if this was your love one you would want the same. We want closure we just want answers. We just want Justice for Brian! Brian is very much loved and we won’t give up until we get justice!