FBI PETITION: Investigate a band of authors employing hackers to attack other authors.

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BEATA BLITZ is one of several pen names that I write under, and a DBA name that I included when filing the original IC3 complaint with the FBI on May 2nd, 2018, and also in a later, fully documented complaint sent by certified mail on June 1st, 2018.

I am the victim of a conspiracy against rights by a band of authors who have colluded to oppress, threaten and intimidate me in order to deprive me of my first amendment right to publish freely.

This began with a campaign of cyber harassment that has occurred on and off for several years. In the beginning, the perpetrators created fake social media accounts on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr using my name (as a URL and @ handle), multiple fake accounts to ‘spear phish’ for information, and later, they also put 100 fake reviews on my published books. I would never contact the FBI over the previous matters, but recently these conspirators hired professional hackers to put me under telephone surveillance; collect my private information through my internet connection; hack into my newsletter website and lock me out; made me understand that I might be ‘doxxed’ if I continued to publish, have just recently intimated they might frame me for a crime, and all the while, used fake Facebook profiles to communicate their intentions, threaten, and intimidate me. This infringement upon my first amendment rights has risen to such a high level of criminality that I was compelled to ask the FBI and the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute the persons responsible for these crimes.

We all know that bullying is a persistent problem in the writing community. And over the past year, several authors have experienced underhanded tactics aimed at their Amazon KDP accounts, such as unusual download activity on their KU titles, which has led to account termination. But what I have undergone since the beginning of April represents a new low. (If you’d like to read more about what I’ve endured, you can read about it at the links below.)

I may not be the first victim of this particular band of authors. And if they manage to get away with hiring hackers to attack me, they will no doubt do this to other authors as well.

These are not anonymous crimes. I know the pen names of a couple of authors in this group and have provided detailed information about them in my complaint to the FBI, specifically the pen name of the ringleader who has been leading this campaign against me. I am adamant about pushing this case forward because it would not only be an easy crime to solve, but it would also send a message to other bad actors who might think twice before attempting the same against other authors.

My experience goes far beyond bullying, which can usually be ignored. The hackers have obtained private information that could enable a complete takeover of my life, including all of my identifying information such as my social security number and photos of my passport, etc. that would permit identity theft. They have been able to hack through 2FA (two factor authentication) to break into the site that hosts my newsletter. And most importantly, they have proven that they can hack into my email accounts and my cell phone, including the latest, supposedly secure Blackberry that I purchased in response to this threat. Today’s cell phones are equipped with a camera, a microphone, a GPS tracker, and a battery that can’t easily be removed, which means that a hacker can perform wiretapping and surveillance of a victim 24/7. Even if my phone was not hacked, through SS7 network surveillance, these hackers have shown that they can still track location, intercept SMS messages, and listen into calls. Once I cut off my internet access at home, the hackers proved that they could track me to the cybercafés where I was working. With their technical prowess and ability to establish time and location, they could easily hack into a PC at any location and frame me for any crime. This is intimidation at the highest level. Due to this intimidation, I removed by books from publication on Amazon on April 20th, 2018, and I am currently waiting for the legal process to take its course.

For the past few years, these authors have tried everything possible to engage me in conflict. At every turn, I have ignored them, which is why they finally resorted to employing hackers to intimidate me.

The self-published authors behind these attacks are big earners in a highly lucrative genre, and each of them probably earns from between a low six figures to over a million per year. Today there are hacking groups promising complete cell phone surveillance for as little as four hundred dollars, which would be pocket change for these authors. Hiring a hacker to attack a competitor they dislike may have even seemed like a wise business decision.

I spoke with an FBI cyber agent on the phone at length on June 4th. He was very kind and understanding about my predicament. He also told me that there were several possible avenues for prosecution with this case. The FBI can’t investigate every case, thus I’m asking for your help to tell them that you care about the importance of every author’s First Amendment right to publish freely.

Please help me take a stand against these hackers who have been employed by this group of authors !

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I don’t want another author to endure what I’ve experienced.

Thank you for your help.



© Copyright 2018 Beata Blitz -- These are true events taken from my life. I’m adding this copyright notice because permission has not been granted to fictionalize these events or my life in any way. Permission is granted to share the text from this petition page in its entirety.

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