Expose the Mormon Church Fraud

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When a corporation, like the Mormon church (officially known as The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), is making sanitized claims overtly through its 65,000 missionaries and local meeting houses, while at the same time is implementing a policy to conceal its true salacious historical claims in its official website (lds.org) under the euphemism 'Gospel Topics Essays', claims which would otherwise repel and revolt the public at large as well as its own membership, we can safely conclude that this corporation is conspiring to defraud.

The Mormon church is raking in billions of dollars from its membership in the form of tithes and donated labor by representing sugarcoated foundational (not dogmatic) claims to the world that bear no resemblance to the hidden foundational claims that it has buried - out of sight out of mind - in its official website. This concealment is done with the full intention to not reveal the salacious true facts of its inception period. Its church historian, Steven E. Snow, is on record stating that there will be no campaign to disseminate the true foundational material facts to the church membership or the world at large. You can listen to him here: https://clyp.it/gq0cdhf1

This constitutes a conspiracy to defraud. The buried historical facts are salient and germane to the whole proposition that the Mormon church makes about its legitimacy as a charitable organization and as the restored church of Jesus Christ. If people had known of its true history buried four levels deep in its website, they would never have joined it, and definitely not be paying ten percent of their incomes in order to gain access to temples.

We petition those with oversight to bring this organization to account for its actions.