Expose Sandy Hook Facts

Expose Sandy Hook Facts

February 9, 2016
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Started by Richard Carlisle

A criminal faction is manipulating your thoughts and feelings by withholding information regarding the Sandy Hook School Shooting of December 14, 2012. My friends and I want specific and complete answers to the following questions.

We would be pleased if you too would be curious enough to desire answers to these 51 questions. 

!__Why were there NO medical trauma helicopters ever called to the crime scene?

2__What is the name of the Doctor who declared all of the victims dead in the first eleven minutes counting from the first 911 dispatch at 09:35?

3__Why is the FBI report of the school shooting classified?

4__Why were NO figure prints taken from the school or the Lanza house by police.

5__Why is the school demolition crew under gag order to not speak of what they observed or did not observe upon removing the school buildings?

6__Where is the communications log for the police helicopter for 12-14-12?

7__Why did the medical examiner bar the parents from seeing their dead children?

8__Why are there no gun shots noise in the background of the 911 calls?

9__Why were NO medical technicians allowed inside of the school?

10_Why were the ambulances staged at the fire house a quarter mile from the school?

11_why are there portable toilets in place on the school parking lot?

12_Why are stacks of bottled water visible on the school parking lot?

13_Why does the FBI show NO homicides for Newtown Connecticut for 2012?

14_Why are there only teenagers and adults wandering around in a circle at the fire house?

15_Why are there NO students visible evacuating the school?

16_Why does the official Connecticut report (Part 1, book 8, #71) say Adam Lanza was shot by police and the media reports say he shot himself?

17_Why did it take four hours to find school nurse Sally Cox hiding in her office?

18_Why did Newtown Police park down the driveway instead of going to the front door of the school?

19_Why does the official 911 dispatch log show only a call for an unwanted person at the school?

20_Why is there NO entry of shots fired in the Newtown Police 911 log, or in any incident reports?

21_Why was the Lanza house demolished and removed?

22_What is the name of the bio-hazard crime scene clean-up company?

23_What are the start time and date for the crime scene bio hazard clean-up?

24_What are the names of the 26 children and the music teacher who performed at the Super Bowl in January 2013?

25_Where are even one of these kids now?

26_Why did the NFL issue a gag order forbidding the children from ever speaking of their Super Bowl singing engagement?

27_Why did the Newtown Connecticut school board NOT recognize their own students for their Super Bowl excellence?

28_Where are the parental consent waivers for the field trip to the Super Bowl?

29_Where is the billing data for the student's transportation to the New Orleans Super Bowl and back to Newtown.

30_Where is the line item expense for the Newtown Student's trip to the 2013 Super Bowl?

31_Who paid the expense for the Newtown Student's trip to the 2013 Super Bowl?

32_Why does TV news man Pete Williams say "A couple of officials said that on the 13th of December Adam Lanza had been in an altercation with Sandy Hook school staff"? Who are the officials?

33_Why does Lt Vance say this information about Lanza is false?

34_Why does CNN TV show footage of police at St. Rose of Lima school declaring it to be Sandy Hook school?

35_Why was Attorney General Eric Holder in Connecticut, with Governor Dan Malloy, on November 27, 2012 just before the Sandy Hook shooting, announcing Project Longevity, an initiative that provides new federal grant money to prevent gun violence?

36_Why did Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice give more money to the Newtown police when they were already getting paid to do their job under Holder's plan?

37_Why, as of July 12, 2013, was $281,000 passed out to the "victims" families?

38_Why is this affluent community still soliciting constant donations from the public?

39_Why does this affluent community need all of this money? (everribbon.com/ribbon/view/10076)

40_Why did Lt. Vance state that the gunman was found in the hallway but the official Connecticut State report states that Adam Lanza was found in room 10? (Part 1, book 8, #71)

41_Why does the media not correct their errors?

42_Who ordered and paid for the "Everyone must check in" sign?

43_Was Gene Rosen's bus driver a man or a woman? Which report is correct?

44_Why does the Wikipedia site(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting_conspiracy_theories) fail to mention the only FOIA inquiries by recognized school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig?

45_Why did Amazon.com delist Jim Fetzer's popular book "Nobody died at Sandy Hook"?

46_Why is parent David Wheeler seen racing around the school in a surplus Army uniform sometimes with one or two assault rifles and then with none? Why is he even there in a uniform?

47_Why are David and Francine Wheeler seen boarding Air Force one as lobbyist's for gun control and mental health testing?

48_Why has a misdemeanor phone harassment case against SH researcher Jonathan Reich been postponed 19 times with the State failing to provide evidence or discovery? Why a $50,000 bail? (jud2.ct.gov/crdockets/)

50_Why did Kaitlin Roig tell ABC's Dianne Sawyer and others that she put 15 students and herself into a 3'X4' restroom then lock the door that opens in? Why does she admit that her class door key was in her desk?

51_Where are all of the legitimate police officers, school administrators, lawyers, parents and other citizens that should know better?

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This petition had 215 supporters

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