End child exploitation on Omegle

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Omegle is a place where users can chat anonymously but pedophiles have used that to their advantage. Omegle has now become a place for pedophiles to exploit children by exchanging links of videos and pictures downloaded from the Dark web of files containing child pornography. Omegle users like myself have discovered that pedophiles use secret explicit tags in their Omegle interests to find other pedophiles. Omegle has tried taking action by removing a few of these secret explicit tags but there are still more that haven't been removed and are still being used by pedophiles! The interest section needs to start filtering out every single secret explicit word being used by pedophiles to prevent his from happening. This whole situation has been happening for a while now and it must be stopped once and for all! 

This is proof that the website should have been better maintained 10 years ago and needs to happen now! If you are against the exploitation of innocent and defenceless children please sign this petition!