Disbarment of George E. Barnhill

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We are calling for the disbarment of prosecutor George E. Barnhill. We feel his decision to sit on the case of Ahmaud Arbery's murder for three months was out of prejudice/racism and a personal relationship with the murderers.

We need to feel like there is JUSTICE in the justice system and not based on racism, prejudice, or personal feelings. Mr. Barnhill displayed a clear case of not being able to disconnect himself from this case and look at the clear cut facts involved.

Also we are very aware that Mr McMichael was a police officer who worked CLOSLEY with the district attorney's office up until last year. How many murders has Mr. Barnhill covered up against minorities using the "self defense and citizens arrest statute"?

We the people do not feel justice can be served appropriately with a prosecutor like Mr Barnhill receiving these cases and sweeping them under the rug without even PRESENTING them properly. We feel he is operating based on his own personal agenda. He should not get to decide whether or not our sons, brothers, or fathers even DESERVE justice before their stories get their day in court.

Also we ask that all other cases that have crossed his desk be looked over again by a non bias party. How many others have been murdered in silence.