CORRUPTION in the Marshall Police Department

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Petition is specifically intended for all Marshall Police Department who worked in 2004.  We would like the FBI to investigate the MPDs handling of the Mary Denise Lands case. We are asking that they look into certain officers and those officers involvement with the main suspect in the case. We also need to know why a significant amount of EVIDENCE in the case was lost on more than one occasion. Where did it disappear to? Many items were turned over to the Marshall Police Department to investigate or for testing and these items were either lost or not investigated.  In the very beginning the FBI were assisting the MPD but after a few weeks the FBI were told their assistance was no longer needed so they left.  It has been 15 years and the case has never moved forward.  If this case is unsolvable because of the actions of the MPD then those responsible need to be held accountable. The MPD has to be investigated by the FBI.  Please sign this petition and share with everyone you know.