Close Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

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Puerto Rico has currently 13,473 Covid19 cases and 188 Covid19 related deaths.  As of yesterday there has been more than 45 flights coming in and out from Texas and Florida. There has been numerous instances where tourists are blatantly disobeying safety guidelines and harassing Puerto Rican civilians. The most recent instances are from a woman who was in Zara in the Mall of San Juan, when asked to wear a mask she damaged at least 2,000$ of merchandise in protest. And from a man who spitted in the face of a supermarket employee, after said employee asked him to wear a mask. I wish people would educated themselves and not act so ignorant, but I sadly know that people who conduct themselves like this refuse to change. The only way to effectively reduce spread of Covid19 in Puerto Rico is by closing our airport. The island is going through so much hardships right now. With our weak economy we have not been able to recover from the recent earthquakes, neighborhoods, schools and hospitals in the south are still damaged. It has been reported that our hospitals do not have enough supplies to deal with this pandemic. We are also experiencing a drought as we are weary of hurricane season approaching us. If you care about the citizens of  Puerto Rico please sign this petition.