Ban R-Rated Movies on Airplanes

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All international airlines and large domestic flights now include free movies on the seat back. There are many rated R selections in the movies that are offered. From any given seat one can see as many as ten other screens. Individuals and families with children that would never choose to view rated R violence, gore and sex are forced to see these images based on another persons selection.

We have seen the most obscene scenes of human cruelty and explicit sex acts on international flights and are deeply concerned for our children being exposed to these images against our will. 

The last time we flew internationally my husband saw a scene of a man's head being placed in a meat grinder, with a hamburger substance coming out the other side. This 'meat' was then formed into a patty and placed on a grill. As I was exiting the plane on another flight, I was exposed to a graphic sex scene because someone had left their movie playing when they exited the plane. We were both upset for having been exposed to this against our wills personally, and deeply disturbed by the total lack of concern for the children on the international flights.

There are laws in place that clearly state that unaccompanied minors can not go into rated R movies without parental consent. Allowing these movies to be publicly viewed within the sight of minors of all ages usurps the parents legal and moral authority. 

In addition, unaccompanied minors are free to watch the rated R movies without their parents' consent.

Rated R movies need to be completely eliminated as a choice on planes unless or until there is a way to prevent anyone else from seeing what is being viewed.

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