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Social Security Administration method of determination for elgibility

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It should be mandate that Social Security meet with changes immediately.These people have worked hard long hours to gain independence for a better quality of life, working the same job for less than those working for minimum wage doing the same job. Those work hours totalled are not counted for hours worked during the quarter. Because there is a contract I would assume between the govenment and the Employer, for no benefits are taken out of an account to go to the workers quarterly wages that are counted to receive social security when it is needed and medicare when it is needed. Instead you will receive SSI without medicare and less money than due to you because the government seem to want to maintain a base of poverty or it would be a total reformed system. If this is not changed and the middle class is exterminated by the few, then this represents modern servitude. And, a class of hard working people that looks like a group of failures, or as the Republican state, the poor just want to receive a check and that is good enough. Unless there is mental degradation, who would not want to make more money have health coverage and the opportunity to achieve the American dream. This is a very important bill. Unemployment recipients and Welfare to work recipients are in trouble because if you become old sick or injured there will not be Social Security there will only be the minimum SSI, if at all because what is coming from that money you're working so hard for to fill the fund reserve, there is nothing for you and it will be too late for there are no rights for you. Most people who work at government offices are rude and indifferent. You call for simple answers and get the phone hung up in your face when you are being kind. Sign this petition and put it before congress immediately.

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