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Federal and state goverment: Terminate rights of parents that abuse their child causing permanent damage

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It has come to my attention that there are parents that have abused their child(ren) causing permanent damage and they are able to get visitation rights, whether those visits be supervised or not is irrelevant. It's time we put the child's best interest before that of said parent. While I do not take terminating ones rights lightly, I strongly believe it is the right thing to do to protect the children. Let's get Carter and others like him the justice they deserve.

Carter was shaken by his father and has been in and out of the hospital since. He is struggling for the very things we take for granted. He may never see again, and all because his father (who has admitted to doing this) couldn't walk away. What angers me even more is that his father has been bailed out for the nominal fee of $1200 and is able to do as he pleases while Carter is fighting for his life and well-being. It seems to me it would be a given that his parental rights would be terminated immediately, however this is not the case. He has been given supervised visitation, which I find absolutely horrendous! As a parent, I will do whatever I feel necessary to keep my children safe, yet the courts apparently do not agree. I acknowledge that yes, the visits are supervised, however, if you are going to do this to your child, I do NOT believe you have the right to ever lay a hand on that child again, supervised or not! Carter is a victim, his father is not, his father made a bad choice with life altering effects. His father is not left to deal with this, his mother and her family are left to deal with the fall out, and have now had any decision making abilities, as far as the father goes taken away from them and put in the hands of people that are not involved and have never met any of them. Again, I implore you, as the Governor of this wonderful state to stand up for such children that have no voice. It's bad enough things like this happen, they don't need to be made worse by forcing the mother, the victim, and her children to be involved with such monsters, whether they want to be involved with them or not, due to a court order.


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