A voice for the vulnerable

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On Friday Jan 22,2021 my mom was basically left for dead after a PSW in home support worker failed to follow protocol, procedures and emergency care for a extremely ill senior. 
After getting out of the hospital after several trips after a heart attack and COPD Exasperation, my mom was assigned care at home to assist with her daily living, No date was set just that the orders were in and the company would be in touch. 
The next day;
A nonscheduled. PSW entered my mother’s residence (a seniors building where she would need to be buzzed in with permission, however she bi passed buzzing and gained entry through an unknown source. Walked into my mothers unit startling my mom, the PSW processed to open the washroom door and my mom asked for some privacy and mentioned she was not feeling well. 
Once my mom was feeling like she could make it to the bed the PSW said “I’m here to give you a shower” my mother proceeded to say she wasn’t well enough for a shower. She was again told she was getting a shower and that’s where she went. Within minutes my mother fainted with the shower head hitting her in the head and all the shampoo bottles and items in the bathtub falling on her.

The PSW stood over my mother shaking her finger and scolded her. The PSW gave my mother a towel and left the bathroom for several minutes. She told her to get out of the shower and made her lay in her bed soaking wet with limited assistance. The PSW did ask if my Mum would she like an ambulance but being dazed and confused she declined. My mother asked for a nightgown from the dresser, the PSW raised her voice at my mother saying she couldn’t get passed. She grabbed the bath chair and shook it at my mother saying this is what you should have been using.

The PSW threw the night gown into the bed, my mother proceeded to put it on and became stuck as   her skin was still wet,  she struggled. The PSW then assisted her and left my mothers home. 

Shortly  after 11am I did my usual call to check in on my mother and could clearly tell something was wrong. My mother was confused and not making any sense. She struggle to put words together, at that point I though she  mixed up her pills or maybe fell. I continued to try and find out what was wrong and quickly realized she needed an ambulance. I called 911 as I tried to get there as quickly as possible. 
Upon my arrival the paramedics advised me they believe she had fallen in the shower and her vitals were low they were taking her to the hospital. 
Because of  CIVID I was not able to go with her. 
For 9 long hours and several calls to emerg I had no idea what was happening. 
Finally after 10 hrs my mom called and asked me to pick her up. She had several X-rays, bloodwork  and a brain scan. 

During the time my mom was in the hospital I tried tirelessly to call Paramed the company that assigned the PSW. I was able to confirm a PSW was there and obtain her name. 
I asked that a supervisor to call me regarding an urgent matter. I spoke to someone who seemed very nonchalant I’m not too concerned but assured me he was going to look at the matter. 14 hrs passed no call back. I called the company again and strongly suggested a manager/supervisor call me ASAO as I was ready to call the police. 
The next gentleman that called me back did not take the situation seriously and chuckled at one point during our conversation I raise my voice and demanded that a director or head person reached out to me immediately. not too long after a lady called I explain the situation to her and asked what the procedures are for senior falls during the shower in the care of a PSW. she confirmed the PSW did not follow policy procedure or take proper measures for this incident. The person answering the phone initially and all three parties I spoke to had not received a call to report an email or any thing indicating that this situation that happened the PSW did not report the incident did not call 911 and did not provide basic emergency service for this incident.

I was assured someone will call me back a short time later and no one did. Assuming it’s Sunday would be why despite the severity of the situation.

it is now two days after the incident

My mother is covered in bruises,  it took her 30 minutes to get off the toilet seat last night because of the pain,  she is traumatized by the experience,  and she now has to suffer in additional pain because of neglect and abuse by this PSW and  this company. 

my mother is a cancer survivor, a heart attached survivor, a mental health survivor and has a very long lengthy list of current medical condition and Pre-existing cancer.

Thankfully my mom survived but not without trauma,  pain and suffering and covered head to toe in bruises. 

I am pleading to the Federal & Provincial Government to step up to step in and make a change. PSW needs to be trained properly, paid properly and supported properly. The company’s need to be accountable and governed. 

Let’s  be a voice for the most vulnerable our dear seniors our parents our grandparents and those we love.

My mom said yesterday 

“I didn’t deserve to be treated like that”

No senior should ever have to question the level of care they receive nor should they have to try and plead that they didn’t deserve to be ill treated. 

I am now the voice of change!

Kelly Luscombe