FDA: Warn women about health risks from breast implants

I am signing this petition because l have had this implants for about 19 years. And just by chance l got to know about the risks of having them on a live video of a person that removed them. All the synth in’s she described, it what l have experience since l got them. Any doctor has linked my symptoms - fatigue, loss of hair, loss of memory, pain in joins- to the breast implants. I think it is so important and urgent that women are aware of the possible risk of having breast implants.
I am in the process of remove them and l wish the symptoms goes away and feel relieved, and l wish with all my heart that l don’t have any dangerous complications for having them on my body for so long.
I also want to say that l will urge Doctors, specially OBGYN and family practitioners, to be informed and read more about what the FDA has released about implants in 2020. And when a patient tells them they have implants, to inform them about the risks and ask for symptoms.
If we are informed, we can make better choices for our health.

Patricia Rodriguez, Quito, Ecuador
8 months ago
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