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FDA-Support innovators like Hampton Creek; don't back the big guys just because they asked

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Why is the FDA attacking innovative companies on behalf of established giants of industry?

On August 12th, the FDA filed a warning against the company Hampton Creek Foods regarding the name of their product Just Mayo. They claimed that it didn’t meet their standard of identity for “mayonnaise” because instead of eggs, Hampton Creek uses non-GMO plants as emulsifiers. Nevermind that in addition to adding no cholesterol, their use is significantly better for the environment and human health.

The FDA pledges to protect public health, and to help accelerate innovations that make medicine and food more effective, more affordable, and safer. So why are they trying to suppress a company that demonstrates perfectly the American spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship? Hampton Creek is an essential part of a future of food that works for us, not against us.

This regulatory exercise is a waste of taxpayer money. Their warning letter clearly isn’t intended to protect the public; its only purpose is to protect the established companies against a game-changing innovator. The FDA should be focusing their time on serious issues that protect consumers and our environment.

Rather than ask Hampton Creek to change either the name of the product or add eggs to the recipe, the FDA should instead update its outdated food definitions to reflect modern realities and improved nutrition.

On a personal note, I am so impressed with Hampton Creek. They are a unique, pioneering company that is demonstrating how it’s possible to be a profitable business while tackling big problems such as climate change and public health. They think big and aren’t content to sell in niche markets -- showing every day via their wide distribution network (including the Walmarts and Costcos of the world) that their product is in high demand. They are disrupting the status quo and their competitors don’t like it.

So via this petition, we signatories are asking the FDA commissioner and regulatory compliance staff to reread the agency’s mission statement.  It appears to the public that your actions against Hampton Creek violate your core values. In fact you give the impression you’re just acting on behalf of established food companies.

We hope this isn't the case. We hope you truly want to foster the innovation you clearly state as your mission. Please drop your actions against Hampton Creek Foods. Look into the issue deeper and you’ll no doubt conclude that you should be among their biggest supporters.

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