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Stop the use of amiodarone except as a last resort

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Because despite the fact that amiodarone already has a "black box warning" regarding it's severe toxic side effects and says that it should be used as a last resort drug, the pharmaceutical companies are promoting to cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons for atrial fibrillation (which is not an FDA approved treatment). This "off-label" usage is becoming the standard of care and many people are suffering severe and permanent damage and many are dying!!! The FDA has turned a blind eye to the current trend of use on a last-resort drug that did not originally have the clinical data usually required before it is approved. Despite it's severe and devastating toxicity side effects, it is being prescribed at a rate of approximately 2.5 million times per year. While patients who are prescribed this drug orally have the opportunity to decline it, surgeons are using in perioperatively without educating the patient or families of the potential devastating consequences....I healthy husband almost died after surgery and spent 90 days in an ICU, underwent multiple ventiliations with an ultimate tracheostomy, a year-long recovery (hopefully nearly complete), unable to work....all because he had routine atrial fibrillation and was given amiodarone as the first line of defense without any family notification of the severe side caused him to acquire a condition called ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome. He was extremely lucky as >50% of people who acquire this condition die......we need to stop the off-lable, first line of defense use of this product!

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