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Petitioning FDA FDA reclassification of vicodin from a schedule III to schedule II drug.

Stop the prejudice against us that have illnesses, suffer from severe pain!

We are NOT drug addicts, drug seekers, or getting high! I am very disheartened about the new regulations out for pain medications, it hurts those of us that fight a hard battle with dangerous, serious, painful illnesses. We do not sell them, overuse them, or abuse these medications. We are very ill just trying to deal with debilitating, excruciating pain. We are judged harshly enough about not looking ill, or on a good day being able to do a few things, these new limitations are only adding insult to injury. Why must we pay over and over again for having illnesses that we cannot control, have no cure for, and will last forever! There is no magic pill, shot or supplement, but we need relief, and many of us only get a that small amount of comfort from these restricted pain medications. I would not be able to ever leave my bed if I did not have the ability to obtain my medications. We are not complainers, or hypochondriacs we have real diseases that are very painful. No one wants to be sick everyday unable to function, feeling guilty about not playing with our children, going out with friends, or having fun with our significant others. There are many people that have drug addiction and that is a very serious disease and should be addressed but we are not using these medications illegally and we NEED relief. The people using these medications to get high are not obtaining them legally, please stop the prejudice! Forcing us to have more doctors appointment only costs us and health insurance companies, medicare, and medicade more money! It is as waste of time, money are resources! Pharmacists can also decide if they want to fill our prescriptions!! STOP the prejudice!!

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    FDA reclassification of vicodin from a schedule III to schedule II drug.

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