Make insulin affordable for all diabetics

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As a type 1 diabetic, injecting insulin is a necessary and indispensable process that I undergo numerous times a day. I personally use about two 300-unit pens each and every week. Each insulin pen costs upwards to more than $100. Without an insurance plan, this means that I would have to pay almost $1000 each month just for insulin. Insulin has been easier and cheaper to produce than ever before thanks to new and improved medical technology and research, but every year, insulin prices has only climbed higher and higher. According to a 2016 study by the medical journal JAMA, insulin prices have tripled from 2002 to 2013. Some diabetics simply cannot afford to pay for that price. Because of this outrageous price, many diabetics have been forced to illegally smuggle in insulin from outside the United States or buy unauthorized or under-the-counter insulin. Some diabetics have even lost their lives due to insufficient insulin. Just as no two humans are exactly the same, insulin needs vary from person to person. Everyone needs carbohydrates, even diabetics. Diabetics should not be punished by paying such a high price for medicine that they use to stay alive. Several states have started capping off insulin prices, but we need to make this nationwide. With a reduced and more manageable  price on insulin, wealthier diabetics won’t have to unnecessarily spend about a new phone’s worth of money each month and less wealthier diabetics won’t have to lose their lives.