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Healthy gay and bisexual men should be able to donate blood

The American Red Cross reported that donation rates have fallen by 10% this 2012 summer alone. Desperate for more donations,Stephanie Millian says "We are asking people to please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit us at to find a way to donate if they can.We need people's help."
One group who has at least 50,000 healthy and willing participants can not legally donate their blood. This group, of course being gay and bisexual men.
In the 1980's when the AIDS epidemic ran rapid, the blame quickly fell on the gay community. A ban was instilled on men who had sex with other men (even just once) after 1977. The men who fall into this category are removed from the donor pool for life.
Similar questions are not asked to heterosexual people, even if they say they are sexually promiscuous.
Now a days, AIDS isn't as mysterious as it once was. Health professionals are able to identify the disease within a month, and all blood that is donated to the American Red Cross is tested for AIDS as well as other diseases like Hepatitis.While there is still a window of time where the disease can't be detected, the situation doesn't call for more than a month ban on MSM (men who have sex with men) giving blood. Yes, gay and bisexual men are still at greater risk for HIV/AIDs, but so are women of minority, and people who practice unsafe sex, but these groups are still allowed to donate.
64 members of Congress as well as many health professionals are urging the United States to end this ban, but others need persuasion. With your help, we can not only fight for equal treatment of the LGBT community, but also save many lives with an increase rate of blood donations. Signing now might just save a life, as well as improve anothers.

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