Petition Update


Liza Cozad
palm desert, CA

Jul 4, 2014 — I have the PLEASURE of asking to TAKE DOWN this petition because, as some of you know.... we won!!!!

We got the FDA to give us access to the Antineoplastons, the experimental drug that may save my life!!! I've been on it a couple of weeks now, and I (and my husband and friends) have already noticed improvement in my gait and my speech - Yayyy!!

They didn't make it easy, frankly, and even when they called me to say "yes" I'm sure they thought the road blocks they were throwing up to me would make it impossible - HA!! - they don't know me.

WE DID IT - your signature, and sharing of this petition, made a big difference!

For updates as I go, check in here:

Thank you!! Liza