Petition Update

Check out our op-ed in USA Today!


Dec 17, 2013 — We're amazed by the grassroots support we've gotten since launching this petition — and with over 8,200 supporters, we're almost to our goal, so please keep spreading the word!

Today, TechFreedom President Berin Szoka published an op-ed on the FDA overstepping in its action against 23andMe. Read it on USA Today's website, and use this shortlink to share it with your friends:

Reaching our goal will send a strong message to the FDA that Americans want access to their genetic information, and agencies should focus on educating consumers, not hamstringing products that make genomics affordable.

FDA oversteps on genetic testing: Opposing view
FDA oversteps on genetic testing: Opposing view
The Food and Drug Administration has ordered 23andMe to cease all marketing. This blocks 23andMe from spreading awareness of the benefits of genetic testing just as many Americans might, for the first time, have considered giving away the company's $99 saliva home-testing kit for Christmas.