Ban annoying single-use-plastic produce labels!

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Produce labels are those frustrating little sticky Price Lookup (PLU) labels that you peel off every piece of fruit -- and most of the vegetables -- that you buy at the grocery store. Made of micro thin plastic and attached with glue they are deemed “safe” for contact with food by the FDA.  But these little labels cause BIG problems in downstream waste disposal: they create needless plastic waste, pollute both commercial and residential composting facilities, are difficult to peel off produce, and add ZERO value to the average consumer.

These stickers may also pose danger to small children, animals, and birds who ingest them or inhale them accidentally. In 2007, for example, CNN interviewed a 6-year old girl who had accidentally inhaled one of the stickers while eating an apple. She required surgery after suffering for two years from a mysterious cough.

Grocers will argue that the stickers are necessary for inventory control and farmers want to identify organic and non-GMO produce. Most consumers, on the other hand, would opt for a complete ban of these labels. There are alternatives which include the use of compostable labels, an FDA-approved laser etching technology, a ‘washable’ sticker, or simply going back to visual identification of fruits and vegetables.

By signing this petition, you will be telling the EPA, FDA, Consumer Advocacy groups, and members of the National Grocer’s Association what you really think about these annoying and unnecessary labels and, at the same time, you will be taking a stand for the elimination of Single Use Plastic (SUP) piece by piece.