Cheerios' Gluten Free labeling needs to be removed!

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Sitting in the ambulance with my 9 month old son, in June of 2017, is an experience I hope to forget. He is allergic to eggs, wheat, gluten and barley. So what happened? He's not old enough to have a large variety of solids and we have a gluten free home. All he had was some Cheerios. We all know Cheerios. It's a super kid-friendly snack and prominently labeled, well advertised, as gluten free. Could it have been the Cheerios? No way. 

Yes way.

Through community research, anecdotal conversations with allergists and feedback from people with Celiac, it is clear Cheerios are a risk many are no longer willing to take. Mechanically sorted oats carry the risk of traces of wheat - enough to cause anaphylaxis.  Ask around and you will find people who have had reactions to Cheerios. Whether it is an allergy, Celiac disease or a sensitivity, people in the know are staying away from Cheerios. How is this allowed? General Mills needs to remove this labeling from their packaging or commit to a drastic change in their process. Ingredients should highlight "gluten free oats". If not, then the misleading of the public needs to stop. Celiac Disease Foundation, your name is on the box. I know GM sponsors you but is it worth it?

FDA are you listening? 

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