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Conduct A Study On Autism And Vaccines Containing A Control Group

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Yesterday, March 29th 2012, it was announced the current Autism rates are now 1 in 88 children, 1 in 54 boys. Those statistics were taken from children born in 2000. It is safe to say 1 in 88 is a very conservative estimate for the children born today. This is not a genetic epidemic.
  Studies done to have 'disproven' the Autism Vaccine link did not contain a control group.  We simply want a study wherein a vaccinated group is compared to an unvaccinated group, not another ingredient or vaccine as all studies in medical journals currently out there are. To date, the studies recognized by our health professionals have all been influenced somehow by a company or people who will benefit from the manufacturing of the vaccines monetarily.  We want an unbiased study that will be published in medical journals.
We are asking for pediatricians and the government to listen to our concerns and help our children before it is one in two, because the rates are climbing at epidemic proportions.
Families are broken under the weight of an Autism diagnosis, and all taxpayers pay more each year due to the increasing rates of Autism. More children are affected by Autism than childhood diabetes, cancer, and aids-combined.
Thousands of Autism parents across the nation (and world) have the same story. Their healthy baby reacted and regressed after vaccinations. We are rejected if we do not continue to vaccinate at many pediatrician's and we are made to believe there is no connection although our experiences are entirely different.
The children of this nation deserve better. Our children who are affected deserve to have easier access to the therapies and medical interventions that will help them thrive so we are not supporting them as a society for their entire lives.  Please, at least take a closer look at the thousands of families who have the same experience.  The overall health of our children in this nation is declining.
The Autism epidemic isn't going away. The time to act is now. 


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