Ban the chemical Vitamin E Acetate in THC carts and Vapes

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Throughout the country, people are getting sick and dying over the use of vapes or THC carts.  The possible cause of this?  The use of Vitamin E acetate, a chemical used for skincare and dietary supplements. In vapes and THC carts, it is often used as a thickening agent or to dilute the THC oil in vape cartridges to make it go further.  When inhaled, it has dire effects on the lungs and body as a whole.  We must ban these chemicals for those who decide to use vapes and THC carts, as chemicals such as vitamin e acetate have no place to belong in the body. 

Colorado and Ohio have banned Vitamin E Acetate.  But all states should take a stand and ban the chemical.  According to cannabis industry executive Tyrell Towle, "States should be banning Vitamin E Acetate.  No question".  He goes on to say, "There's no reason to use cutting agents because you can make high-quality vape cartridges using only cannabis derived ingredients".